Hello Ministry Partner!!!!

Well, it has been almost 60 days since my last ministry update. There has been much
going on, however, God is such an incredible on-time God!
I have many stories, as well as I’m sure you do, of how God did what only God could do
at the right moment. He has spared both my children from tragedy many times. He has
spared all us more times than we are even aware, it is just a good thing to occasionally
think on and thank Him for the times we know of.
As you may be aware, Donna’s Dad passed away recently. I want to thank you for your
prayers and encouragement to her and her family. We delayed the service for a week
so we could fly our son Jordan is from Texas while he was on tour.
One of the things God did that only God could do was to orchestrate Donnas’ Dad’s last
day on earth. Donna, her brother, and her Mom were all with him at home. The family
brought him home from the Memory Care Nursing Home Facility around 2 months prior.
Their prayer was that he would be at home and they would be together.
Another thing God did was to give Donna and her Dad some special moments. That
was her prayer also.
Psalm 116:15 says “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints”.
He calls us saints? It is because of Jesus taking our place and pleading our case before
God the judge. Is that not still the most awesome thing we can ever know?
Please indulge me with some observations.
Death is literally a part of Life! We all will face it. Death is the ultimate release from
whatever we are dealing with!
Hebrews chapter 11 hall of faith…says all those that lived by faith died in faith.
A funny later story happened when we posted on Facebook about the passing of
Donnas’ Dad, a church in Virginia that I had just been to somehow got the facts
confused and thought it was ME that passed!

They put out the message to their whole church that the comedian that was just there
had passed away….ME! They said many folks were in tears! Somebody in the church

even contacted us to offer a discount on a headstone? Donna quickly got it all
straightened out!
Well enough about death, let’s talk about LIFE.
Donna and I saw much life this Sunday at the NHRA Drag Race Chapel Service in
Charlotte at the ZMAX four wide.
The service went great and then it started raining which delayed and canceled many
racing plans. Donna was standing under a weak part of the tent that started to drip, I
said you need to move and within seconds the whole section collapsed and dropped
many gallons of water right where she had been standing holding one of my guitars!!!
September and October were filled with church services, assisted living facility functions
as well as senior luncheons and dinners.
I am now gearing up for November and December which will include the NASCAR
Chapel service in Martinsville, VA as well as several holiday programs.
I do ask you to pray for me with these arthritis issues that now are affecting my hands
as well as my feet.
As a 501(c) 3 ministry, I have done thousands of church services around the country but
I have missed seeing you because of all my traveling.
Donna and I want to invite you on a regular basis to our prayer meeting that includes
music, laughter, and ministry. Since we don’t get to see each other very often, you can
come as it is convenient on any Saturday that I am home. I will give you text updates
as far as my travel schedule to help you with planning purposes.
We have been having ministry partners come to my converted studio for a very informal
time of fun, ministry, prayer and maybe meet some fellow ministry partners as we
continue to help those that may have been forgotten.
I speak blessings and healing over YOU and YOUR family in Jesus’ name! Thank you
for your continued prayers and support again in 2019 as a ministry partner in Agape
Ministries, Inc. 501(c) 3!